Thank you, in advance, for your active and positive participation in the Ultranet and Mega International! 


Your active involvement is appreciated and we look forward to  sharing ideas. Being part of a community carries with it a responsibility to foster a caring and constructive environment that facilitates collaboration, creativity and personal and spiritual growth. The global intellectual community has the special responsibility of nurturing the abilities and talents of a unique population. The Mega Foundation welcomes all individuals within this community who are dedicated to fostering positive growth to create an environment of synergistic collaboration. For the betterment of mankind, let us work together toward a brighter and more peaceful tomorrow. 

There are no dues or fees, but members are asked to donate time and resources as they are able to help develop projects, retreats, conferences and other resources of productive benefit to extremely gifted individuals and to mankind. Be sure to read your membership materials carefully and register for the discussion forums and newsletter. Please email us at if you have any questions or if you have any problem using the PayPal link below. Donations can also be sent to the Mega Foundation by surface mail (bank check or money order).

Thank you for renewing your commitment to our community. We are happy to welcome you back and wish you peace and productivity! 

The suggested donation is $50 - $100, subscribers are asked to contribute a  minimum of $25. After you pass through the PayPal link, you will be taken to the member area where you will find links and downloads to enable you to actively participate in the Mega International community.