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Weird and wonderful

Scientific broadcasters

Science News and Views
Museums and science centres
Space and Astronomy

Maths and Physics
Earth science and weather
Biological sciences

Weird and wonderful

Watch Mount Etna live from Sicily.


See the Oregon Moon Jelly in the Aquarium at Oregon Coast.


Loch Ness Cam
Scan the surface of Loch Ness in search of the elusive Nessie!


Watch Hua Mei the baby panda and her mother.


Check out the weather from NOAA's weather satellites. We recommend the Meteosat, GMS and Indoex. Best on IR.

Insect Zoo

Insect Zoo
Different insects are on display depending when you visit the Insect Zoo, and you can control the camera.


Watch the streaming videofeeds from the Kennedy Space Cen

Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest
Check out the humming bird cam and the quetzal at Cloud Forest.


Check out the Australian Astronomy programme down in Antarctica and play spot the penguin!


Watch the sharks in theWaikiki Aquarium, Hawaii. This is best in daylight hours (about 17.00 to 5.00 GMT).


Look at live footage of the sun from SOHO(The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory), both images and video.


Watch these otters as they sleep and play.


Go on a virtual safari at the AfriCam site. Live images of african wildlife from the national parks and nature reserves.

Natural History

Watch the leafcutter ants in the Natural History Museum, London.


Turtle Farm
Watch these turtles as they move from the hatchery to their release back into the wild.

Eagle Nest

Eagle nest
See inside an Eagle's nest.

Lunar Leonids
Dr. Tony Phillips
For most stargazers, this year's quarter Moon during the Leonid meteor shower will be a blazing nuisance...
Astronomers find Youngest Pulsar Yet
Imagine the Universe
A hot, spinning, highly-magnetized infant no more than ten miles across, born in a massive star explosion about 700 years ago.
Riding a Magnetic Bubble
Wheels in the SkyDr. Tony Phillips
Scientists are experimenting with miniature magnetospheres as an innovative form of space transportation.
Wheels in the Sky
vonb_wheel.gif (17686 bytes)Patrick Berry Long before the ISS was actually underway, a space station where people live and work existed in the minds of science fiction writers.
Spaceships of the Future
Wheat fieldDamon Wright The furthest we have been is the Moon. If we want to travel into deep space we'll need a new breed of spacecraft.
The Great Telescope Race
Wheat fieldNigel Henbest
Astronomers around the world are competing to build the world's most powerful telescope.
Exploring The Invisible Universe
Chandra X-ray telescopeMarshall Space Flight Center
NASA's Chandra X-ray telescope will help scientists understand the mysteries of the universe.
Are We Alone?
EarthSir Martin Rees,
Astronomer Royal
Martin Rees discusses one of the most fascinating questions in science.
Worlds Around Other Suns
An extra-solar planetKevin Apps
Kevin Apps looks at the discovery of planets beyond our solar system.
The Real Armageddon
Earth and MoonLawrence Krauss
Lawrence Krauss considers the future of the universe and the prognosis for life within it.
Alien Contact
Is anyone there?Seth Shostak
SETI researcher Seth Shostak predicts how we'll react to the first phone call from ET.
Life Off Earth
AreciboHeather Couper
The discovery of alien life is just around the corner, predicts Heather Couper.
The Hubble Decade
The Hubble DecadeNigel Henbest
Nigel Henbest investigates the greatest discovery machine in the history of science.
Recipe for the Universe
Recipe for the UniverseSir Martin Rees,
Astronomer Royall
Our whole Universe is governed by just six numbers, set at the time of the Big Bang.
Planetary science - oceans, weather and volcanos
Learning from Lightning
Panoramic view of lightning striking the groundNASA
Sensors in space are revealing the inner workings of severe storms in an effort to improve forcasts of deadly weather.
The Fury of Hurricanes
Hurricane 'Bret'NOAA
Hurricanes continue to wreck havoc, costing millions of dollars in damage each year.
Ocean Forces Threaten Our Climate
Ocean Forces Threaten Our ClimateJohn Gribbin
Powerful forces beneath the ocean waves may wreak havoc on our climate, driven by global warming.
Electric Skies
WavesEarle Williams
Earle Williams talks to FirstScience about his work and experiences of lightning.
The Age of El Nino
WavesJohn Weier
The answer to predicting El Nino's effects may lie in algae.
Super-thunderstorms on Jupiter
The secret behind Jupiter's turbulant atmosphere is out.
Chasing Tornadoes
TornadoJosh Wurman
Josh Wurman talks to FirstScience about his fascination with tornadoes.
The Solar Weather Technique
HurricanePiers Corbyn
Piers Corbyn discusses his unique way of predicting weather.
Great Eruptions
Basalt flowSteve Self
Steve Self uncovers the ancient flood-basalt eruptions which might have contributed to the death of the dinosaurs.
Worlds in Eruption
Galileo encountering IoDuncan Copp
Terrestrial volcanoes are dwarfed by the monsters recently discovered on other worlds.
Weird Weather
SundogsPaul Simons
Paul Simons reports on the strange but true wonders of weather.
Dynamic Pulsating Eruptions
Soufriere HillsStephen Sparks
Volcanologist Steve Sparks unlocks the mysteries of explosive volcanoes.
Into the Minds of Babies
A crawling baby Dare Baldwin
Our understanding of how social cognition, language, and knowledge.
Aquatic Culture
Mother and calves Denise L. Herzing
Dolphins and the Possibility of Interspecies Communication.
Form Follows Sequence
head-gordonopener.jpg (36565 bytes)Paul Pruess
"Form follows function" said architect Louis Sullivan, arguing that a building's purpose should determine its design.
Finding Fossils from Space?
GobiJohn Weier
Fossil hunting takes a step into the future with the use of satellite data to locate new fossil beds in the depths of the Gobi desert.
Science, Wonder and Ancient Wisdom
Jupiter’s ‘black eyes’, after it was assaulted by Comet Shoemaker-Levy-9Richard Dawkins
Science is not just about knowledge, and not just for scientists: it's a roller-coaster ride through the ultimate in mind-boggling experiences - and best of all, it's open to everyone.
Do Women Prefer 'Manly' Faces?
Wheat fieldLittle & Perrett
A man's face-shape affects whether a woman wants him for a long-term partner or for a quick fling.
Don't Turn Your Back On Science
Wheat fieldRichard Dawkins
Richard Dawkins explains why nature needs science to avoid its destruction.
Almost Like a Whale
Almost like a whaleSteve Jones
A modern update by Steve Jones on Darwin's 'On the Origin of Species'.
Holding Hands with Dinosaurs
Tyrannosaurus RexDamon Wright
Our love affair with ancient extinct monsters is as strong as ever.
Ancient Falconry
Trained HawkKeith Dobney
Keith Dobney investigates the origins of domestication.
Plastics You Could Eat
SpheruliteKathy Sykes
Kathy Sykes considers the future of biodegradable plastic
ExtinctionNorman MacLeod
Palaeontologist Norman MacLeod investigates the murder of millions of species over Earth’s history.
Superbugs From Hell
Super Bugs from HellPaul Davies
New evidence suggests that life on Earth began not in shallow pools on the surface, but in the torrid depths of the planetary crust. And the planet in question might not even be the Earth...
Teleologic Evolution
The process by which the universe creates itself. TE is generally regarded as superior to neo-Darwinist evolution as it addresses causal factors.



Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe
Christopher Michael Langan
Chris Langan explains the fabric of reality using his groundbreaking model of the universe.
BuckyballsLynn Yarris
Berkeley researchers fashion first transistors from single buckyballs.
Unveiling the Dark Energy
Paul Preuss
Scientists propose to launch a satellite named SNAP on a mission to discover the nature of the dark energy.
Eclipse that Changed the Universe
Solar Eclipse at Sobral 1919Peter Coles
The contest between two of science’s greatest geniuses.
The Pleasure of Finding Things Out
FeynmanRichard Feynman
Richard Feynman reflects on his life from the atomic bomb to the Nobel Prize.
The Theory of Everything
Black holeMichio Kaku
Michio Kaku on the theory of everything.


Imaging the Brain
Los Alamos
DOE scientists from many disciplines are collaborating to develop and apply new technologies to study the function of the human brain.
Virtual You
Think you must dress for success even in the bold new world of telecommuting?
The Audacious Space Elevator
Steve Price
Scientists are seriously considering space elevators as a mass-transit system for the next century.
Aurora - Secret Hypersonic Spyplane
Does one of America's intelligence agencies have a hypersonic aircraft capable of a Mach 6 performance?
Space Walking Robots
Farnborough F1Chris Culbert
Nasa building a human-like robot...?
Flight into the Millennium
Flight into the MillenniumDamon Wright
At the dawn of a new Millennium we are on the verge of a radical evolution of how we fly. Hyper-X will lead the way.
The Spacehopping Hyperplane
Wheat fieldAnn Parker
Travel anywhere in the world in less than two hours - or even into space.
A New Dream
Farnborough F1Richard Noble
Richard Noble builds the Farnborough F1
Chemical calculators
An extra-solar planetDavid Bradley
David Bradley investigates the future of computing - in a test-tube!
Space Lasers Take To The Winds
Space LasersAnnie Strickler
Scientists hope to use lasers to provide higher quality snapshots of the winds that travel the globe

See Christopher Michael's Cognitive Theoretic Model of the Universe for more information on Teleologic Evolution and Hologic Identity.  CTMU, 
Teleologic Evolution and related concepts © 1989 - 2002 by Christopher Michael Langan. Science Links edited by Dr. Bob Seitz.