The Art of Knowing is a collection of remarkable philosophical essays by blue-collar cosmologist Christopher Michael Langan.  Chris Langan writes with a clarity that enables him to present complex material in an accessible format without compromising depth of content.  As usual, he imparts his message with wisdom and a characteristic touch of humor.  

Part I of The Art of Knowing consists of a series of groundbreaking essays that outline the basic philosophy behind his model of reality, the Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe (CTMU), and how such a theory creates a framework for human ethos.  

Part II contains essays related to neurological correlates of spirituality, the advent of machine intelligence, the mind-body connection and other topics in ethics and metaphysics.  Two of Langan's very popular publicly available articles are reprinted in the collection: the ecological parable, Millennium Mouse, and the metaphorical introduction to reality theory, A Very Brief History of Time.


Table of Contents

Forward v

Part I

So You Want to Be a Millionaire? All It Will Cost You Is Your Freedom 1

The Buck Starts Here: Another Disquisition on Free Will 17

A Free Will Cyber-Synthesis 34

Solutions for the Problems of Free Will, Good and Evil, Consciousness and God 51

Part II

On the Perils of Metaphysical Skysurfing Without a Parachute 70

A Very Brief History of Time 84

Which Came First? 97

Of Trees, Quads and Gods 109

The Pros and Cons of Machine Intelligence 124

In Ethics, Not Everything is Relative 137

Millennium Mouse 149

About the Author 153

About Mega Press 155

The Art of Knowing:
Expositions on Free Will and Selected Essays

by Christopher Michael Langan

Mega Press 2002
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