Our goal is a simple one  

Our goal is to bring together some of the very finest minds on earth -- our poets and scientists, artists and mathematicians, philosophers and visionaries -- to help one another achieve a common purpose: moving our planet and its inhabitants into the next Millennium, there to realize our boundless hopes and dreams for the future of our species. By facilitating communication and sharing ideas within a forum of this nature, we can help to improve the quality of life not only for the gifted, but by helping them realize their disproportionate creative potential, for all of humankind.  

Mega International, originally conceived as a 5-sigma visionary think tank for creative individuals dedicated to effecting positive world-wide change, was developed by the Mega Foundation in an effort to raise the level of meaningful creative production within the global intellectual community. To take a tour, click here (requires flash). Members of the think tank participate in focused conferences held in cyberspace and at the Foundation's retreats. Prospective members are selected from and nominated by members of the Ultranet and chosen by consensus of the Membership Committee. Membership is by invitation only. There are no dues, although members are asked to contribute time and resources as they are able in order to further the mission and projects of the Mega Foundation and Mega International.