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Articles and Interviews on Genius, Originality, Intelligence, Motivation, Ability and Creativity

A Story of Genius—William James Sidis by Abraham Sperling, Ph.D. (See also The Failure Myth)

Adjusting to Giftedness by Rita Richardson

Asynchrony  by Linda Kreger Silverman, Ph.D.

Brushing Out the Cobwebs: IQs above 120 by Robert N. Seitz, Ph.D.

Can You Hear The Flower Sing? Issues for Gifted Adults by Deirdre V. Lovecky, Ph.D.

Catch-22, the Circle Jerk or Yes, Academia, There is a Good Will Hunting by Gina Lynne LoSasso, Ph.D. 

Cognitive profiles of verbally and mathematically precocious students by Camilla Persson Benbow & Lola L. Minor

Common Myths About Gifted Students

Creativity across the life-span: A systems view by Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi

Creativity as an Elusive Factor in Giftedness by Joyce VanTassel-Baska, Ed.D.

Discovering the Gifted Ex-Child by Stephanie S. Tolan

Eidetic Memory, Photoreading and Synaesthesia by Quinn Tyler Jackson, Ph.D.

The Emotional Drama of Giftedness: Self Concept, Perfectionism, and Sensitivity - by Sal Mendaglio, PhD and Michael C. Pyryt, PhD, Centre for Gifted Education, University of Calgary

Emotional Intensity by Linda Kreger Silverman, Ph.D., Gifted Development Center

Emotional Intensity In Gifted Children by Lesley Sword

Emotional Sensitivity in Gifted Children by Sal Mendaglio, PhD, Centre for Gifted Education, The University of Calgary

Enhancing personal expression by Mary Rocamora

The Failure Myth - Sidis bio

Foundations for understanding the social-emotional needs of the highly gifted by Ellen Fiedler

Gaining Accurate Assessments of High Levels of Giftedness (pdf) by Silverman and Kearney

The g-Factor and Education by Arthur Jensen, Ph.D.

Gender and Cognition: Myths and Facts by Gina Lynne LoSasso, Ph.D. 

Genetics and Intelligence by Robert Plomin

Genius and Academia  by Christopher Langan

Gifted education expert explores dilemmas facing talented women  

The Gifted Identity Formation Model by Andrew Mahoney

Giftedness As Asynchronous Development  by Stephanie S. Tolan

The Highly Gifted (pdf) by Linda Silverman

Highly Gifted Children (pdf) by Linda Silverman

Humanity by Keith Raniere

Imitation of Genius by Patrick Gunkel

In Praise of Elitism by James R. Delisle

Intellectual Stupidity by Patrick Gunkel

Introversion: The Often Forgotten Factor Impacting the Gifted by Jill D. Burruss and Lisa Kaenzig

IQ, IEQ and Intelligence by Christopher Langan

Liberating everyday genius by Mary E. Jacobsen.

Mega Mascots: The Stigma of Being Gifted - by Gina Lynne LoSasso, Ph.D. 

The Miseducation of Our Gifted Children by Ellen Winner

Moral Effects of Greater Intelligence by Patrick Gunkel

The Mysterious Case of Extreme Giftedness by David Feldman

Nonstandard IQ Test by Jonathan Hayward

Occupation and Income Related to Psychometric g by Arthur Jensen

On High-Ceiling Intelligence Tests by Christopher Langan

On Introversion by Linda Kreger Silverman, Ph.D., Director: Gifted Development Center

The Outsiders by Grady Towers

Overexcitability and the Gifted by Sharon Lind

The Piirto Pyramid of Talent Development - A Conceptual Framework for Talking About Talent - by Jane Piirto

Profiles of the gifted and talented by Geore Betts & Maureen Neihart.

Psycho-social Needs: Understanding The Emotional, Intellectual and Social Uniqueness Of Growing Up Gifted - By Lesley Sword

Robert Lato and the Logima Strictica 36 by Staffan A. Svensson

The Role of Gifts and Markers in the Development of Talent by Benjamin S. Bloom

Self-Knowledge and the Gifted Adult by Stephanie Tolan

Sensitivity by Linda Kreger Silverman, Ph.D., Gifted Development Center

Signs of Giftedness in Adulthood by Elyse Killoran

Social & Emotional Needs of the Gifted (Adults and Children)  by Deborah L. Ruf, PhD 

To Thine Own Self Be True, A New Model of Female Talent Development by Kathleen Noble, Rena Subotnik and Karen Arnold 

Tragic Miracles by Patrick Gunkel

Two Faces of the Brain - Angell O. de la Sierra, MD

UltraHIQ Survival Guide 

The Uncommonly Bright Child by Halbert B. Robinson.

Understanding Gifted Childrenís Emotions: Heightened Multifaceted Sensitivity - by Sal Mendaglio, PhD

Understanding Giftedness Through Film by J. E. Farrall

Vulnerabilities of highly gifted children by Wendy Roedell

Yesterday's Whiz Kids: Where Are They Today?  By Melissa Hendricks  

Giftedness - an interview with Christopher Michael Langan, Mega Foundation

On Giftedness - an interview with Mary Rocamora, Rocamora School

Discussions on Genius and Intelligence (eBook)  Free Download!

Mary-Elaine Jacobsen.  The Gifted Adult: A Revolutionary Guide for Liberating Everyday Genius

Barbara Kerr.  Smart Girls: A New Psychology of Girls, Women, and Giftedness

Gene Landrum  Profiles of Female Genius : Thirteen Creative Women Who Changed the World

The Making of a Scientist - Book Review

Book Review: Mind Boosters

Book Review - The Prodigy - Bob Seitz

Kathleen Noble , PhD.  Remarkable Women - Perspectives on Female Talent Development 

Sally Reis, PhD:  Work Left Undone: Choices and Compromises of Talented Women

Linda Silverman  Counseling the Gifted and Talented

Marylou Kelly Streznewski . Gifted Grownups: The Mixed Blessings of Extraordinary Potential

Book Review: Quiz Kids 


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